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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Murmur of Gail Sorronda

So I know I promised it weeks ago and this blogger has been very slack indeed. I have no excuses except that I was temporarily consumed by an extreme dose of post fashion week fever.

The other day I was reminded though of my promise to blog my love for Gail Sorronda's SS1011 collection Murmur when her look book complete with my pre-order form popped up in my Inbox and the tumultuous decision of which pieces to add to my own ever growing collection of Gail began to plague me into the night, much like the irrepressible Murmur that inspired the collection.
So here it is, finally, my ode to Gail Sorronda in the hopes that by reviewing the whole collection my decision might somehow become easier. 

My love affair with Gail Sorronda began long ago when I was just a naive trend obsessed Brisbane teenager, who never dared to to step outside the compulsory uniform of skinny jeans, singlets and havaianas. I stumbled upon Gail's graduate collection at QUT, in a show of support for my model friend, and her dark romance seeped into my veins. I knew then and there that I would wear an armour of tassles, beads, feathers and ruffles that dripped from my decolletage to my knees and bounced in all the right places in between and today I am proud to say I do.

So it goes without saying that Gail's show was on of the most anticipated shows of RAFW for me and she did not disappoint. I was pleasantly excited to find gold amongst her usual strictly black and white ensembles and I was delighted by her latest line of exotic instrumental inspired accessories. The crimped beehive buns and tightly braided contrasts in the hair were also a stand out beauty look of the week.

Murmur, was reminiscent of the drones of continuous modern noise and the collection was weighted with the heaviness of this concept. Silk Georgette, organza and tuelles were twisted, pleated, tucked, folded, ruffled and draped, moving from form hugging to voluminous plumes in a nip, a tuck or a flourish of delicate ruffles.

Murmur was a textural textile metaphor for the verbal babble of daily routine and the constant call of our primitive instincts and desires. And evoke desire it did indeed.

Gail has often described her designs as bi-polar and the extremes of difference, the contrast of the unrestrained and the contained and the addictiveness of the unpredictable were certainly deeply cemented in Murmur. Her's is a subtle sort of craziness though, one that oozes sophistication and exults in materializing the childish anticipation of surprise. 

Like all good surprises it didn't fail to delight me, so completely, that like that child I am left longing for more...
The list has been closed but is sadly still far to long and one more design will have to be struck off. Another pain staking night of the Murmur of desire awaits. 
Which pieces should I get?

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