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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Master and The Miss

The Master and the Miss was a photoshoot I did with the very talented Miss Anastasia Blades (who has since left me for New York,) back in May. The rest of our team consisted of Kaori Harigae, who did the hair and make up and Kirsty Macphail from Viviens who was our model.
The concept of The Master and the Mass came about whilst Anastasia and I were having coffee in a French cafe, we were throwing ideas up in the air and this one landed with a loud thud, we knew this was the shoot we wanted to do.
My brain immediately started speeding away and before too long I had a shopping list consisting of paper doilies, pink body paint and white bandages.
I commandeered my very talented friend and milliner extraordinaire Wendi Nutt from Philadelphia Philpot Millinery to make me some gorgeous paper doily hats, ( you are going to hear more about this very multi-talented woman very soon,) and began looking for garments with a showgirl meets ballerina look.
The night before was a frenzy of bandage shredding (very therapeutic if you have ever had a bad day) and wrapping and layering on the body.
On the day we incorporated the pattern of the edge of the doilies onto Kylie's eyes and decolletage to add a strong textured feel to the shoot and I wrapped the bandages around her upper body and lower arms. The hair was teased and rolled and just kept getting bigger and bigger until we felt we had our very own aristocratic showgirl ballerina.
This shoot was all about the attention to detail in the layers and carrying those details through to the make up and skin.
At then end of the day Anastasia and I were both exhausted but elated. For me, this shoot was not inspired by a specific concept or mood or emotion, although they were all part of it, it was very much about a girl and watching my little Miss come to life was an insanely enriching experience and to this day she is still dancing strongly in my mind and I hope she will dance on in yours too.WORLD top, SOPHIA JOCELYN corset, MISS UNKON tutu, SNOG THE FROG tutu worn underneath, WORLD leggings, MINTY MEETS MUNT shoes, PHILADELPHIA PHILPOT MILLINERY hat, SNOG THE FROG bow tie

GAIL SORRONDA dress, SALLY JONES bra worn underneath, WORLD leggings, MINTY MEETS MUNT shoes, CHERRY MORRIS necklace and brooch, Make up artists own headpieceMISS UNKON scarf, ZAMBESI tops worn underneath, MISS UNKON leggings, CHERRY MORRIS belt, MINTY MEETS MUNT shoes, DE COCO COLLECTABLES gloves, Stylist’s own briefs, Make up artists own headpiece

SALLY JONES bra, WORLD skirt, SNOG THE FROG bow tie, TOM GUNN shoes, DE COCO COLLECTABLES gloves, Stylist’s own stockings, Make up artists own headpiece
BEC AND BRIDGE bodysuit, SALLY JONES bra worn underneath, SNOG THE FROG tutus, TOM GUNN shoes, MINTY MEETS MUNT heart clip, Stylists own stockings, Make up artists own headpiece
RACHAEL CASSAR dress, MINTY MEETS MUNT skirt worn underneath, SNOG THE FROG white tutu worn underneath, MINTY MEETS MUNT stockings, MINTY MEETS MUNT shoes, DE COCO COLLECTABLES gloves, PHILADELPHIA PHILPOT MILLINERY hat, Stylists own bow tie worn as belt


Friday, June 25, 2010

Discovery of the week

I was trawling one of my new favourite sites for inspiration , trendland, this week and boy did I find some, or should I say someone.
I stumbled upon the very talented designer, Anne Sofie Madsen, who graduated from The Danish Design School in 2009. I have long declared myself a fan of Danish of design and this collection certainly lives up to what I have come to expect from the innovative nation.
Anne Sofie Madsen's graduate collection Tiki-Mania-Maori was an abstract take on traditional Maori motifs from braiding to carving and tattoos. One of their most prominent mythical characters is the bird woman and Anne Sofie Madsen's garments were like a contemporary costume for this ancient character, with out a single feather, totally ingenious! Laser cut leather, and shoe laces instead of flax strips also gave the ancient materials a mod makeover. I was totally inspired by her ability to take everyday materials and not only relate them to something so culturally recognized, but make them into something prescient at the same time. She took the ever popular notion of combining the primitive and the classic to a whole unique place.

Images from http://www.dkds.dk/Afgangsprojekter/2009/AnneSofieMadsen

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jeremy Dante the Face of Fashion Blogging

I was lucky enough to interview Jeremy Dante one of the revered male voices of the fashion blogging world for Tangent Digital two weeks ago.
I am particularly attached to this self described "know it all" for a few reasons, one his blog is about more than his latest wardrobe purchases, don't get me wrong I love seeing the ensembles of all of fashion's female bloggers as much as the next style obsessed girl but there is something very refreshing about hearing a male voice with a strong opinion on beauty.
The other reason I love Jeremy is because like me his perception of beauty has been shaped by a child hood love of all things fantastical, Cinderella and her glass slipper, Tinkerbell and Snow White, villains, princesses and all those other lovable creatures.
Finding that same excitement and fantasy in the fashion world today and sharing it in an informative way is what Jeremy does best and for this reason he is one of my chosen sources for daily inspiration.
See my full interview with Jeremy on Tangent Digital here

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Ghost and the Girl

This one has been coming for a while. The Ghost and the Girl was an editorial model shoot for Tangent Magazine that I completed with model/photographer/ blogging sensation Zanita Whittington a few months ago.
We snapped two of the fresh faces on Sydney's modeling scene, Sophia Dishaw who was passing through Sydney's Priscilla's Management from Canada and Melise Williams one of Chic's newest (and my favourite) faces.
Once the setting was confirmed as a beach I knew I didn't want a bikini in sight, ever the queen of a bit of juxtaposition I decided the clothes needed to be as whimsical and appear as other worldly on this setting as the girls looked.
I sought out some special pieces from my favourite vintage ladies and added in a few labels with a sensual yet innocent feeling to them.
The lead up to the shoot involved Zanita and I drooling over some surreal inspiration shots and playing with different fabrics in front of lenses to see what effect we could create and on the day the final selection worked a charm.
This shoot was a dreamy representation of two very real beauties realized.