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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Le Magazine Issue Four, Le Femme Fatale, Shoot No1, Fatale Instinct

It is has been a long time in the making but earlier this week Le Magazine Issue Four, Le Femme Fatale, finally went live. I had the absolute pleasure of working with some incredible creative people on this issue of Le Magazine. From the photographers, to the make-up artists and hairdressers, the models, the art directors and of course the designers whose wonderful garments were the basis for my vision. And then there was my writers and interviewee's who will need an entire post of their own!
So lets start with the editorials. It is an honor to have seen the editorials of this issue bloom into full blown theatrical visions.
Early in the piece I knew this issue had to channel something brave because fashion has been bolder and braver than ever of recent. (See the opening page feature, The Marriage of the Fearless Femme and The Modest Mistress) as soon as the theme Femme Fatale was decided, I knew I wanted a shoot with boys in it, this issue needed to be all about the girl who wears her men as well as she wears a garment!
So the first shoot we worked on was Fatale Instinct, early in the piece our photographer James Broadhurst, a Le Magazine favourite, bought the idea of the movie Fatal Instinct to the table and Sharon Stone quickly became our muse for this shoot. Her modest style masked the raging femme fatale hidden underneath, who lured men to their death bed with her beauty.
Her intelligence and power was another thing we felt we needed to command, these are the elements of at the core of every woman and the one's who know how to command them are the one's that become unforgettable. The final element of the shoot was the idea of directly contrasting the modest exterior and the bold interior of this woman, so her provocative corset wearing alter ego was born.
Eilika from Viviens Model Management was the perfect girl to embody this complicated character. From the moment we said, "Fatal Instinct and Sharon Stone," she was transformed! Keith Archer from Strobe Hair and Corrine Grbevski performed the physical transformation and our first femme fatale was born.
Shoot number two, Lolita-Lights Camera Blossom and our amazing face to watch and cover girl Alexis Whelan are coming soon but for now enjoy, Fatale Instinct.

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